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Ruger Bisley in 45 Colt. Customized and tuned by Hamilton. Bowen sights, Turnbull color case hardening, gold line engraved on cylinder, elk antler grips by Elliott.

My Ruger Single Six in 32 H&R.  Customized and tuned by Bowen; Bowen sights; Turnbull color case hardening; engraved backstrap. Turkish walnut grips by Dick Thompson.

Another Bowen customized, tuned and BNowen sighted revolver. This is an old 3 screw Blackhawk. Several years after Hamilton did the work I remained not satisfied with the square backed trigger guard - battered finger was the ususal result. I live pretty close to Gary Reeder and I took it to him to re configur the trigger guard and had him add his steel "gunfighter" grip frame.  Vermillion grips by Don Collins. Grips .